I’m pretty sure many of you think I have a friend named David that we crash with in Hanover. We don’t. When I say we’re staying at David’s House, this is where I mean. It’s a large, newish construction pseudo-house that’s filled with bedrooms where families can stay for free when their kids are being treated at CHaD. It’s got big living rooms with tv & books, a big community kitchen and a lovely porch with rocking chairs. 

Each room has its own animal-based decor. Last night we were in the Lion Room which features some quasi-Christian lion/lamb imagery. Our favorite is the dog room, which has a pillow that I’d steal if I wasn’t so wholesome and good.

There’s always a bunch of little kids running around and some nice volunteers. There is often a meal donated by a local group, and plenty of snacks. There’s also a closet filled with quilts you’re invited to take home (there’s an army of women making quilts for every sick kid out there, that’s one thing I’ve learned this year.)

In short, it’s another amazing volunteer organization that we wouldn’t be able to do without.