Last week my mom Pam, stepmom Lana, sister Astrid and I went to Maine for a week of camp. The camp is called Camp Sunshine, it’s a really great camp for children who have life threatening illnesses and their families. The day we arrived was pretty overwhelming, just so many volunteers, but by the next day I felt more at home. The week was spent doing all sorts of camp activities. In the teen group I went fishing, did archery, had arts and crafts, and lots of swimming (which was exciting for me because I normally can’t swim due to my port.) Astrid, in the 6-8 year old group, had a fairly similar selection of activities although she got to make cookies and I didn’t (hurrumph.) The adults had a different sort of week, lots of group discussions and a lot less fun activities. During the evening fun events were planned for the whole family, we had a masquerade ball and a talent show!

The whole experience was honestly amazing. It was so important and great to meet other kids my own age going through similar experiences. I would highly recommend checking out their website.