We’re relocating to Boston on Friday, August 4th! If this is news to you, don’t be surprised, we just found out ourselves. We’ll be in Boston until September, getting proton radiation therapy (see other post) at Mass General. We’re very glad to have this opportunity to go to MGH. We met the team yesterday and they are all lovely. Honestly, everyone we’ve met at both hospitals has been fantastic.

Mulligan will be with Peggy (she’s teaching that pup some new tricks!) and Brayton will be watching the homestead and other critters. We’ll be living at Christopher’s Haven and we’ve signed up for a zip car, hopefully we’ll be able to make day trips around the area. Radiation is supposed to have fewer side affects than chemo, and though the treatments are daily, they are short, so we’re really hoping we’ll be able to take advantage of having time in the city and have some fun. Maybe we can even have a beach day or two.

We are definitely living on a budget, so if you have fun cheap ideas for us, leave a comment of email me.